Greeks to set their clocks to “winter” time on Oct 27


It’s time for “winter” time and for days to get shorter, no matter how much we hate that. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, October 26th to 27th 2019, clocks will be set one hour back: the change will occur at 04:00 am.  Digital clocks will automatically show 03:00 am.

The time change refers to Greece. For the rest of the world… just google it!

The good news is that we will sleep one hour longer this Sunday. The bad news is that it will get dark one hour earlier – and thus one minute per day.

Winter time will be valid until the last Sunday of March, on March 29th, 2020. Clocks will move one hour forward.

According to European Commission plans, time change would occur for the last time in March. EU member states were supposed to agree whether they would want permanent “summer” or “winter” time.

However, the latest news from Brussels say that member states could not find consent. The effect: multiple time zones within the European Union. The plan is most likely expected to fail.

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