If you are visiting Thassos, you don’t have to be afraid of the medical service. In Prinos there is a “Health Center”. The small hospital is very modern. Following the signs, the hospitl is easy to find (picture).

You will reach the hospital under the number: 25930-71100

There are also some private doctors in Limenas and Limenaria. Here it is also possible to find a dentist, an orthopaedic, a cardiology and general practitioner. In the other villages they have once a week surgery. Normally the office is near the middle of the village. There is the red cross on the door or on a sign in front of it.

You will reach the doctors under the following numbers:

Panagia Tel: 25930-61203

Potamia Tel: 25930-61303

Potos Tel: 25930-53233

Skala Sotiras Tel: 25930-71332

Kallirachis Tel: 25930-91221

Limenaria Tel: 25930-51210

Theologos Tel: 25930-31203

Theologos Tel: 25930-31203

In the pharmacy you will get every registered medicament.
You will find a pharmacy in the following villages:

Skala Kallirachis