Aegean Airlines

Greece’s Aegean Airlines To Suspend All Flights Abroad Until April 30


Aegean Airlines announced on Monday that it will suspend all international flights, both inbound and outbound, from March 26 to April 30.

The Greek airline will only keep a limited flight schedule between Athens and Brussels in order to, as it says “retain the connection of the country with the EU’s administrative center.”

Aegean Airlines has also severely curtailed its domestic schedule as well, due to fears regarding the coronavirus.

The company said that the suspension was prompted by safety concerns for passengers, following “the spread of COVID-19, the travel restrictions imposed by Greece, the EU and third countries, and today’s (March 23) activation of further emergency measures by the Greek state.”

Aegean said it would continue to work with the Greek government on repatriating Greek citizens who find themselves stranded abroad and any other needs as determined by the authorities.

The airline has already carried out eight flights to repatriate Greek citizens from the Czech Republic, Georgia, Morocco, Poland, Serbia and Spain, and was chartered by the Republic of Cyprus for a flight from London to Larnaca.

With information from AMNA